Comics that update seldom or not at all

Comics properly ended:

It's tough to be in highschool... especially when you are a demon.
Sometimes funny, more often dramatic. A good read.

Comic about strange people (like a teenage girl mad scientist) doing
strange things (like growing a clone, then putting it to work at
an adult studio) for strange reasons
(OK, so I can relate to world domination through feromones. Bad example.)

Taking place in a universe ordered in a fractal pattern, where
gravity is unidirectional and strange crystal beings roam the
triangular worldplates, this is definitely one of the most
original comics I've read.

Aeron, a god, inherits his uncle's universe and upon investigating
gets stuck in it, along with his girlfriend. To get home again,
they must go out on a perilous quest...

4 semesters of zany fun.
My favourite strip is probably this one.

One-panel gags featuring Jobeth, the bimbo allegedly easier than
a one-piece-jigsaw puzzle.
Discontinued after Jobeth escaped the comic with a character from 'Framed'.
(Comic and archives are accessible at the bottom of the page.)

The Japanese Beetle
When your super power is that you're the main character of the
comic, there's not much else to do but sit back and enjoy
the madness.
While the author has restarted the comic, which now resides over at
Graphic Smash, the old archive seems still to be available.

When Don and Jack lose their lives in a driving accident, that's
only the BEGINNING of their problems. Seeing as how they die
in the very first strip.
Actually finding the comic archive can be a bit tricky, so here are the links to:
Season 1 and Season 2

Lower Place
Another of those webcomics where the main character definitely is one deck short of a game of cards...

Comics theoretically still updating (but to wind up here you
need to update more sporadically even than MY comic):

Comic about a girl and her vivid imagination.

Funny strip centering on some anthromorphs going to University.
This one is actually in RERUNS, since the author has decided to
shuffle the archives in chronological order, in real-time.

What should you do when you find yourself having a fallen angel
as a temporary houseguest? To find out, go read this comic.

Heaven, Hell, and Highschool.

Taking place some years after the fall of the Empire (yes, THAT
empire), this story has the protagonist - a green bunny-like
non-rodent - teaming up with Han Solo in order to dish out
some payback...

An epical Science Fiction story. About a Earthling Male and a
shipload of alien women. No, I'm telling you - it's epical.

Comics currently on hiatus:

Mystic For Hire
I think this is the closest to comic-book superheroes I've
found on the net. Rachel Danara has strong magical powers, which
she uses to fight evil sorcerors, vampires and the like.

Anthromorphs studying magic at a university.

Ghost 2138
Barely making a living as a pianist in a Sci-fi Dystopia, Alex's
life takes a turn for the weirder when his fantasies start
affecting the real world.

Tsunami Channel
Manga-style comic making a lot of references to anime I haven't watched. It's interesting, though.

Extinction Level Event

Stone Wall

Paused mid-stride:

A young goddess inherits her older sisters pet universe.
Hilarity ensues. A great comic which halted abruptly
when the author and the artist separated.
(I sometimes toy with the thought of offering my services.
Maybe it isn't COMPLETELY irresurrectable...)

It's Gravy
Infrequently updated strip about... I dunno. Weird stuff. Like
giant mutant goats, and inept demons ending up selling
their own souls
Notable for their April's Fool swap with CRFH, where blue mushrooms were invented.

Working in retail. It's a gruesome torturing infested hellhole
of a job - but someone has to do it. And now it has its own
comic dedicated to it.

Cool Cat studio
It starts with a realistic ( but funny ) description of life in a
graphics studio, but ends up containing supernatural forces and ET:s.

Guardian Angel
"If this is your guardian angel, you're out of luck!".

Residence Life

College students doing what they do best - avoiding to study.

Strings of Fate
When you're a member of the Zodiac, there's certain expectations
on you - even if you've wiped your memories to start over
as a mortal...

Bean's Song
A Fantasy story about a young boy and a magic sword. Excellent art.

Kelen: a strange and wonderful world. Featuring magicians and
priests, a young man with mysterious powers he does not
himself understand (some day I want to see a protagonist
who does...) along with light elves, dark elves, humans,
half-demons... And a huge earth elemental named Bob.

Blood Lark
One day Strey's drunkard of a dad sends her out on a quest
for adventure, armed only with a incredibly powerful
magic sword. Hmmm. No, can't think of how she'll make
it through.

Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite
Amusing one-shots parodying Star Wars.

Scarred World

The Lost Comics. Don't bother looking these up unless you have a time machine.
(Hey, if they've simply moved to a new adress, TELL me, all right)

Hang and Catch Fire
The tale of two programmers, one of which made a program
that caused computers to... Yes, you guessed it.

The tale of a guy so pathetic he was spared by Death on account of him not having a life.
So pathetic, in fact, that his creator gave him up and made his two goldfish the stars of the comic instead.


No Outlet
Philosophical ponderings, everyday life. The main character's reasoning reminds me a lot of my own.

Pro wrestling never was this crazy. Er... yes it is, that's why I don't watch it.
Well, it never was this much fun, anyway.

True Magick
Interesting art, story and magic system, so of course it folded in less than ten comics.
*Sigh* At least I got some inspiration for when I designed my own magic system.