You do NOT see these comics linked here if you are a sensitive person or relative of mine.
That goes double for you, Erik. I don't need your snickering.
listed by order of unappropriateness (least offensive on top):

Tales of primitive anthropomorphs.
Nothing worse than you'd see on the Discovery Channel.

Funny strip about some sarcastical and cynical characters living
in Boston. If CRFH can be described as "Friends" on crack,
this comic will be "Seinfeld" on a Rohypnol/Booze combo.
Offensive content: Dirty language, mostly.

Lots of life's necessities; superheroes, cheesecake and kiwis
(gotta get those C-vitamins).
Offensive content: Some of those anthropomorphic
superheroines wear entirely too little clothing.
Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

"Cynical punkass teens."
Offensive content: Dirty language, sexual situations, and a whole
week when the author did his utmost to deliberately offend his readers,
presumably having gotten tired of doing so unwittingly.

This comic explores the relationships between
mythical characters from different religions.
Offensive content: Frequent nudity, some sexual situations,
Satan portrayed as a homosexual, partaking in
aforementioned sexual situations, etc.

Depicts some of the torments of Hell, many of which are sexual in nature
as well as just plain disturbing ("Musical Holes", anyone?)
That said, Jack is a strong, engaging anthromorphic comic,
dealing with problems in life and death (mostly death).

Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal. As well as extreme violence,
blasphemy and molesting of dead puppies.

Previously named: "Thin H Line", this comic
shows the lighter side of various sexual deviations.
And that's not all it shows, in graphic detail. Be warned.

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