Phase Three - Spring 2001 (We really hadn't that much of a winter)

A comic dealing with a couple of adventurers in a computer game world.

Graveyard Greg and the sarcastic robot EDG fight the enemies of games.

In a magical mishap, Sandra is transformed into a demon, whereupon
she starts a tech support service.
Usually splendid wackyness, but lately, a more serious tone dominates.
I made some fanart for this one.

Funny strip centering on Tonja Steele, a tough female cop, and her friends.

Fantasy comic featuring a paladin, a thief, a priest, a warrior
and a sorceress on a quest for an ancient artifact of power.

Phase Four - Summer Vacation 2001

Heavily D&D-inspired Fantasy story about a Priestess, a Wizard,
a Warrior, and Nodwick, the henchman who always seem to suffer.

Bitten by a radioactive man, Man-Man has been blessed with all
the powers of a normal man...
Grape thieves everywhere - beware!

Epic Fantasy. Now moved to ModernTales.

On his 18:th birthday, Basil Toback gets three wishes
granted. There's just one catch...

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