Phase Two - Autumn 2000 - Abusing the university broadband connection

In my opinion, this one is right there at the top, next to Sluggy.
High-quality wackiness, yet containing the occasional serious moment.

Some juvenile dragons - only a few millennia old - hanging
out in a forest somewhere, along with a few robots and a homicidal squirrel
bent on world domination.
Computer-generated art, most of the time.

If you think being the god of soup is bad, try being the CHAMPION of the god of soup.

Gamer-related strip, one of the more insanely popular on the net. The main
characters work at a gamers magazine, playing games, reviewing
games, creating robotic duplicates of themselves to hold
their place in the queue for Star Wars III - you know,
the usual.

Newspaper-style comic about the lighter side of eternal damnation.

Though originally a comic about the life at a small game company,
lately an interesting plot development has ocurred...

"Because serial killers are people too"

Two gamers stuck in Japan without money. Has a fascinating
balance between 1337 w4kkin3zz and interpersonal drama.

Life at and around a minor gaming company.

A story about a band of mercenaries in the far future.
Good science fiction, and humorous too.
When I forget today's date, I go look at the latest comic here.
There's usually a 20-strip buffer so it's NEVER late.

The adventures of a couple of furries living in the same house.

Anthropomorphic comic strip, mostly focusing on
the conflicts between humans and furries.

A girl and her talking fridge. And a whole lot of other characters,
making this a funny comic indeed.

Funny detective stories

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