These are some of the comics I at one time or another have read - in roughly chronological order, and skipping the bad ones.

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Phase One - April, May and Summer vacation, the year 2000.
The very first ones I found. Oh, the memories...

A pretty good comic strip, newspaper style, about a family out in the country. Only a one-year archive, though - better read the oldest now before they disappear.

A tale of Chelsea Chattan, shapeshifter and witch-in-training.

Anthropomorphic (furry) strip about some people trying to run a theater.

A well-drawn and funny furry comic, about Sabrina, a skunk who couldn't care less about the
PC/Mac struggle, since she is a devoted Amiga user... Updates once a month.

Life On Forbez
A lone mother and her son - both aliens - just moved in on a new
planet and having to deal with the fact that their race has
a bad reputation. Deserved? Well, they DID send a huge
asteroid into Earth.... (Those lousy rotten dinosaur killers...)

The story of the boy which represents most of us... an utter loser.
Seems to be doing better nowadays, though - there's hope for us all.

The glorious Fairy army will surely take over the world. Someday.

One of the best webcomics ever, and to top things off, you can read it
in "weekly" mode. If you haven't read it yet, do so NOW.

A secret organisation hunting aliens - and the interpersonal dramas unfolding within.

Good anthropomorphic strip featuring a rabbit married to a wolf
(and after over seven years worth of strips, he's still alive, imagine that).

The well-written (and drawn) story of a moody young woman, seeking her place in the world.

Life in a computer business.

In a fantasy setting (but one with cellphones and TV), Bruno the not-so-smart bandit
perpetually strives to win fame and fortune. Well, fortune, anyway.

Very funny strip set in a sci-fi environment.

Fantasy comic, featuring elves as the main characters.

"God, the devil, and pimps". Pretty nice art.

A highly amusing, at times satirical, furry strip.

Who knew studying nuclear engineering was this weird?

Another of my favourite strips, this one circles about a group of
young people in the everyday world.
Most of these situations are pretty realistic, but that
doesn't stop them from being hilarious.

A comic by gamers for gamers about gamers.

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