Comics which have moved to subscription services

Abby's Menagerie
Is extinction really permanent? Apparantly not.

Rogues of Cwlyd-Rhan
A tale of a gang of adventurers, now retired. (The adventurers, not the tale)
For the record, I devised GA before I read this comic.

The weird Worlds of Pewfell Porfingles
Now moved to ModernTales.

Proving every day that evil doesn't exclude cuteness.
Now unfortunately moved to ModernTales.

The members of a local science fiction club gets involved in mysteries ranging from vampires to aliens.

Eversummer Eve
Manga-style comic featuring Griffin McBride, whose powers as a
Weaver of Fate is just awakening, Juno Wintersmith, who
seeks to use him for her own schemes, and the dazzling
fairy lord Amadan, who interferes with everyones plans
seemingly just for the fun of it.

The Makeshift Miracle
Really strange stuff, and not wacky, but confusing in an EPIC way. And the art is quite good.
Now moved to Modern Tales.

Bite Me!
Vampires during the French Revolution. Adventure, Excitement, Drama! And don't forget the CHICKENS. Of DOOM.

Killroy and Tina
Killroy was a ruthless despot crushing galaxies under his thumb. Killroy was feared all over the universe for his intellect,
his superpowers and his dress sense. And Killroy is now
bonded to a young Earth-girl named Tina. Neither of them
is too happy about that last part.

Soulchaser Betty

The Japanese Beetle
When your super power is that you're the main character of the comic, there's
not much else to do but sit back and enjoy the madness.

Real-world comics with web presence



Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet, Foxtrot, Doonesbury and the rest of the comics at UComics.

Rudy Park, Dilbert, Pirahna Club, 9 Chickweed Lane and others at UnitedMedia.

Bizarro, Zits, On the Fast Track, Safe Havens and more at King Features

Lily Wong

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