Phase 9: What I've found so far year 2004

The zany exploits of a couple of friends, who are
deeply involved in the world of Mad Science.

Queen of Wands

An orphan girl gets to live with her uncle - who happens
to run a hotel for those of a supernatural persuation...

This comic revolves around a supervillain turned biology
teacher, a classical comedy situation if there ever was one.

Princess November seeks to cure her sleeping disorder by finding
the mysteriously absent Moon, in this amusing story which is
inspired by more than a few fairy tales.

Pastel Defender Heliotrope, by the creator of the finished Unicorn Jelly, gives eager
readers more alternate universe adventures, with improved graphics
to boot. (New readers take note; we're not talking your average
run-of-the-mill alternate universes here, THESE universes come
with their own alternate laws of physics as well at no extra cost.)

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