Phase 8:2003 (Dividing into two periods per year got old)

Kung Fool

A local seer (the medieval equivalent of tech support), Dominic
is faced with stupid customers on a daily basis. Then the
Thieves, Necromancers, and Infernomancers show up and things
get a bit more epical and a whole lot more dangerous.
Maybe answering inane questions wasn't so bad after all?

In its time of greatest peril, the world needs the Legendary
Four Heroes. Unfortunately, they are out levelling up,
and so four total doofuses con themselves into the job.

Imagine a chat room created for the sole
purpose of roleplaying as elves.
Now imagine the people who will actually show up there...

The scene: Present-day Tokyo.
The plot device: A magical girl anime DVD set to magically transform
the viewer into a real magical girl.
The recipient: An average BOY, suddenly and
unwillingly transgendered.
His half-assed excuse: "Hey, I just watch magical girl anime
for the interesting plotlines!"

The mighty Van von Hunter roams the land, hunting
evil stuff along with his female sidekick, who has
never been properly introduced.
That's no toothpick in his mouth, btw, it's a miniature stake.
You know, if he happens upon a very small vampire.

Anne O' Nymous is the Wotch, destined to defend the world
from beings with malicious intent.
But until those show up, let's have some fun! Hey,
let's transform Jason into a red-headed girl again.
He won't mind.

Pretty much the ultimate comic for those with a transformation
fixation - and a darn funny read for the rest of us - this
storyline is way to complicated for me to divulge.
Suffice to say it involves sentient goo, a squirrel girl in
distress, anime-style martial arts, aliens,
magic - and a transformation gun that sees a lot of use...

Weekly adventure comic, superhero stuff, great artwork.

Piled Higher and Deeper
The truth about higher education.

Who is this mysterious Oriyan? What's with the amnesia?
Why do people tend to run at the mere sight of this
goofy but friendly character?
...and what sex is he/she/it anyway?

What if paladins had access to magical
powers back in the crusades?

Amusing story about an elf on a quest to find his lost father.
I wish I had that URL...

Anthropomorphic adventure epic.

An interesting Science fiction about a bureau chasing Mad Scientists
(People suffering from "Science Related Memetic Disorder").
My favourite character is probably Mars. Yes, the planet. Don't ask, read.

Meet George, the ambassador from an alien civilization - built
on the concept of 70:s Earth television. Great Brady!

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