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Phase Seven: Autumn 2002

After a deadly plague, over 99% of Earths male population is gone,
leaving the problem of who controls the battleships...

Gee... Putting your main character through this degree of trauma shouldreally be outlawed...

A worthy group of adventurers, a noble quest and a whole lot oflaughter along the way.

By the creator of ExploitationNow. Fans of that comic will be
relieved to know the new main characters are...
a blond girl and a sarcastic cat thing.
Seriously though, it's a fantasy setting, and fun too.

Foster Hearst is a newly examinated journalist, eager to
begin work, only the work part is kind of lacking.
But hey, if at first you don't succeed, lower your standards...

Previously named "Radical Dreamers", this comic centers on a boy
whisped away to another world, while his body lies in a coma.

The crew of a spaceship find themselves stuck on a Fantasy
world - as its gods...
The great story makes this comic rank high
on my personal favourites list.

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