Phase Six - Spring & Summer 2002
(Very few comics I found that summer still update).

Goes to prove - whith all magical entities randomly whisking away
people from our reality to be their champions, sooner or later
they will be faced with someone like Kano, who happens to be...

A vampire and a vampire hunter in the same
classroom can only mean one thing - trouble.

Funny comic about a museum worker and antique-store keeper, named
Monica, and her various friends, including Tepoztecal, Aztec God of Alcohol.

A strange story. Just remember: when getting a new apartment,
make sure there are no mysterious mailslots in the wall...

One day, the various sides of Ben Bruin's personality materialize,
taking upon themselves to bring his life about to the better,
or at least more eventful.

The only webcomic I know of taking place in rural America,
this comic shows the hicks' side of the story.

This is one of a few webcomics which might actually be
appropriate for kids to read.
Young Quentyn dreams of being a Questor, a hero and
protector of the innocent. But is it really that
impossible a dream?

Yes, it's the web's answer to Sailor Moon.

Amusing adventures in ancient Japan.

A promising new fantasy story with good art.

A boy and his dog. What could be more adorable? *snicker*

Vivian meets the man of her dreams... in her dreams.
But is he only a fantasy?

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