These are some of the comics I at one time or another have read - in roughly chronological order, and
skipping the bad ones. Click the link table below to go to the higher-bandwidth sections where banners are included.
Some of these comics are well known, some were back in the day, some might become. This is less about
popularity, though, than it is a record of my own progress through webcomics. (Also, now I have a place where
my webcomic links are stored, in case I need to use another computer)
While I like all comics described below, the emphasized ones are the
ones I like like; that is, they resonate with me somehow.

For purposes of prerequisites, I'm assuming that everyone knows of Star Wars, Monty Python, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, etc.
If knowledge of slightly lesser known pop culture is required to enjoy a comic, I've tried to mention it.

Summer 2000 Autumn 2000 Spring 2001 Autumn 2001 Spring 2002 Autumn 2002 2003
2004 The Slow and the Dead Not Totally Free
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Phase One - April, May and Summer vacation, the year 2000.
The very first ones I found. Oh, the memories...

A pretty good comic strip, newspaper style, about a family out
in the country. A one-year archive.

Clan of the Cats
A tale of Chelsea Chattan, shapeshifter and witch-in-training.


The glorious Fairy army will surely take over the world. Someday.

Sabrina Online

A well-drawn and funny furry comic, about Sabrina, a skunk who couldn't
care less about the PC/Mac struggle, since she is a devoted Amiga user...
Prerequisites: Slight knowledge about the Amiga helps you appreciate
some jokes in the beginning of the comic.
Updates once a month.

Sluggy Freelance

One of my favourites, particularly the early years. If you haven't yet, read it NOW.
(If nothing else, something like a fourth of webcomics make references to it at some point.)
And to top it off, it's one of few strips still available in "weekly mode".
Prerequisites: There are some references to Evil Dead III, and several
Harry Potter parodies (the movies).

Kevin and Kell
Good anthropomorphic strip featuring a rabbit married to a wolf
(and after over seven years worth of strips, he's still alive, imagine that).
Fun Fact:The creator has two other syndicated strips,
and all three are updated DAILY. Now THAT'S energy.
Prerequisites: One (short) storyline is inspired by the movie "Memento".

Bruno Baldwin
The well-written (and drawn) story of a moody young woman, seeking her place in the world.
Fun Fact:The creator also does a goofy strip about a little girl adopted by forest animals.

Bruno the Bandit
In a fantasy setting (but one with cellphones and TV), Bruno the not-so-smart
bandit perpetually strives to win fame and fortune. Well, fortune, anyway.
Fun Fact:The creator also did saturday comics for Sluggy Freelance for a while.
Prerequisites: One storyline parodies the "Sword of Truth" books. A more recent
one parodies the "Da Vinci Code".


Very funny strip - one of my top 5 favourites - set in a hard sci-fi environment. Florence Ambrose is a
genetically engineered wolf, and a capable engineer. Upon arriving at a new-formed colony, she happens
to be assigned to Sam Starfall, alien being and notorious smalltime crook, to repair his space ship, the
"Savage Chicken", and be part of its crew. Can she deal with robots newly emerged into true sentience?
Cope with a engineering budget of effectively zero? Find romance when her species totals 14 individuals
(only three of which are male)? Convert Sam into a respectable citizen? (OK, that last one may be pushing it...)
Fun Fact:Also available in color, until strip 388.
And the archives are available as zipped downloads, a nice touch.

User Friendly
The ongoing adventures of some internet service providers and
their struggles with inept users. Much geekery abounding.
Prerequisites: Some knowledge about computers, alternate
operating systems, etc. Also references Nethack often
enough for their official site to keep track of it.
Fun Fact:Had a cross-over with sluggy back in -99 or so.

"God, the devil, and pimps". Pretty nice art.

Ozy and Millie

A funny, at times slightly satirical, furry strip, about two fox
children (one red, one grey) coping with everyday life (and occasionally
with dragons, pirates, zen meditation, conspiracies and just plain sillyness)
Ranks quite high on my top list, and is one of those comics I print
out strips of and paste on walls in order to convert others.)
Fun Fact:The author also has a satirical comic,
making fun of politics.

Who knew studying nuclear engineering was this weird?
Fun Fact:The blue-haired creator, Gav, is cameoed relatively often,
most notable in Schlock Mercenary - where he is cloned to the
point where he is a sizable galactic minority by, er, his selves.

Penny Arcade
A comic by gamers, for gamers - about gamers.
Fun Fact: One of the comics out of which its authors make a living,
Penny Arcade has spawned its own Video Game Convention AND a charity.
Prerequisites: Some jokes require extensive videogame knowledge.
Most are explained in the text part of the update, though.

Phase Two - Autumn 2000- Abusing the university broadband connection

Rogues of Cwlyd-Rhan
A tale of a gang of adventurers, now retired.
(The adventurers, not the tale.)
For the record, I devised GA before I read this comic.

College Roomies from HELL

In my opinion, this one is right there at the top 5 webcomics.
High-quality wackiness, yet containing the occasional serious moment.

Dragon Tails

Some juvenile dragons - only a couple of millennia old - hanging
out in a forest somewhere, with robots and a homicidal squirrel
bent on world domination.
The art is computer-generated most of the time, though the creator
is able to draw by hand. I don't really care one way or another - I
mainly read it for the introspective cultural deconstructionism ; )
After finishing his 2000:th strip, and taking a year-long break,
the creator is now doing a video-game spoof storyline.

Down to Earth
Newspaper-style comic about the lighter side of eternal damnation.
Fun Fact:This one used to be on Keenspot in the early days.
Then they jumped ship, only to come onboard again in 2005.

Real Life
A comic loosely based on the life of slacker, geek and pepsi-fanatic Greg Dean.
Of course, he throws in time machines, giant robots and sentient computers to
make things a bit more interesting...

Player Vs Player
Gamer-related strip, one of the more insanely popular on the net.
The main characters work at a gamers magazine, playing games,
reviewing games, creating robotic duplicates of themselves to hold
their place in the queue for Star Wars III - you know, the usual.
Fun Fact: PvP and Penny Arcade are "friendly arch-rivals",
sniping at each other, sponsoring competing WoW guilds, etc.

Gods, they come in different shapes and sizes - but if
you think being the god of soup is bad, try being the
CHAMPION of the god of soup.

Chopping Block
"Because serial killers are people too"


Two gamers stuck in Japan without money. Has a fascinating
balance between interpersonal drama and 1337 w4kkin3zz (though
I think Largo is a bit unbalanced since the actual "Largo"
stopped being a part of the team).

Schlock Mercenary

A story about a band of mercenaries in the far future.
Good science fiction, and humorous too. One of my top 5.
When I forget today's date, I go look at the latest comic
here. There's usually a 20-strip buffer so it's NEVER late.
Fun Fact:Probably the most and longest footnotes ever in a webcomic.
Hey, you know what they say about men with big footnotes?
...They tend to have correspondingly big dictionaries.

Phase Three - Spring 2001 (We really hadn't that much of a winter)

Gaming Guardians
Graveyard Greg and the sarcastic robot EDG fight the enemies of games everywhere.
And I do mean EVERYWHERE. On Earth, inside games, in space, in other dimensions...

Zebra Girl

In a magical mishap, Sandra is transformed into a
demon, whereupon she starts a tech support service.
Usually splendid wackyness, but lately, a more serious tone dominates.
In my "top 10" category.
Fun Fact: I made some fanart for this one.
Prerequisites: Just so you know, Bela Lugosi
played Count Dracula in a classical film.

Tonja Steele
Wacky strip centering on Tonja Steele,
a tough female cop, and her friends.
Prerequisites: Parodies "Xena, Warrior Princess" at times
Also, FYI, "Febreeze" is some sort of deodorizer.

Phase Four - Summer vacation 2001


Heavily D&D-inspired Fantasy story about a Priestess, a Wizard,
a Warrior, and Nodwick, the henchman who always seem to suffer.
One of my top 20 favourites.
Fun Fact:Has a side comic, "Full Frontal Nerdity", and a
print-only comic, "PS238", about the children of superheroes.
(Good one, that - one of the few I read offline.)
Prerequisites: General knowledge of D&D jargon is a +1 modifier.

Bitten by a radioactive man, Man-Man has been blessed
with the proportionate strength and powers of a normal man...
Grape thieves everywhere - beware!

Third Wish
On his 18:th birthday, Basil Toback gets three wishes granted.
There's only one catch...

Phase Five - Autumn 2001

Ban the Basics
A whole classroom's worth of hyperintelligent kids.
A school teacher's dream - or nightmare...

Polymer City
A gaming comic at first, Polymer City has evolved beyond that.
While not a gag-a-day comic anymore, it still has its fun moments.

Mac Hall

A tale of MacDonald Hall, a college dorm, and it's zany residents.
The artist has got 1337 drawing and photoshop skillz.
Fun Fact:Has really nice desktop backgrounds - my PC's
backgrounds generally are from here.

Phase Six: Spring & Summer 2002

Goes to prove - with all magical entities randomly
whisking away people from our reality to be their champions,
sooner or later they will be faced with someone like Kano,
who happens to be... different.

Fairview High
A vampire and a vampire hunter in the same classroom can only
mean one thing - trouble.

Wapsi Square
Funny comic about a museum worker and antique-store keeper, named
Monica, her various friends, and the Aztek god of Alcohol.

Under the Lemon tree
One day, the various sides of Ben Bruin's personality materialize,
taking upon theirselves to bring his life about to the better, or
at least more eventful.
Fun Fact: This and the following two comics are done by a
creator considerably more right-leaning than the majority of
webcomickers. Occasionally uses his comics as a soapbox, particularly
N&T - but hey, many lefties do the same, so I guess it's only fair.

Nip and Tuck
The only webcomic I know of taking place in rural America,
this comic shows the hicks' side of the story.

Tales of the Questor

This is one of those few webcomics which might actually be
appropriate for young kids to read (Though hardcore atheists may
gag on the fact that the main character is a devout christian).
Young Quentyn dreams of being a Questor, a hero and
protector of the innocent. But is it really that impossible a dream?
The comic's interesting approach to magic, and the more realistic than
usual attidudes of the characters make this comic one of my top 20 favourites.

Tsunami Channel

Manga-style comic, with a main character whose name noone knows, and various
girls (robot girl, samurai girl, Magic Fox girl, Traditional Japanese girl, etc)
attracted to him. Male castmembers include the perverted best buddy, and the
kooky professor(almost as perverse).
Did I say manga-style? I meant it.
Prerequisites: General knowledge of various manga and anime, such as
Ranma, Blade of the immortal, Evangelion, etc. (Things made much more sense
to me after I got p2p and could charge the information to my Karma card...)
Oh, and FYI: the comic is read top down, column by column.

Yes, it's the web's answer to Sailor Moon.

No Need for Bushido

Amusing adventures in ancient Japan.
Ina Senshin escapes from her home, seeking to avoid a
forced marriage with the eldest son of the Wataro clan.
She joins up with an inscrutable monk, an over-aggressive
, and the obligatory clueless hero, Yorikori - of the Wataro clan...
Add in ninjas, samurais, and an anachronistic yet intriguing
observer named Matrix, and we've got a good blend of humor and
action, with a touch of drama here and there.
Furthermore, I find the expletive "Holy Flippin' Shnikies of Death" to be hilarious.
Fun Fact: Joe - the writer - gave me a good review recently
(near the bottom of the page).

A promising fantasy story with good art. The standard "quest for
a number of ancient magical artifacts needed to save the world" plot,
but the author does manage to insert a few new things.
My art might look like this in five years or so, I guess.

Dandy & Company
A boy and his dog. What could be more adorable? *snicker*
Fun Fact: The creator, Derrick Fish, also did a more serious comic,
Scarred World, though it was later discontinued with only two chapters posted;
apparantly, Fish was disappointed by lack of popular support.
Shame, it was shaping up good. I heard the comic is drawn and
all, though, so you could probably order the rest from the creator.

Phase Seven: Autumn 2002

Angels 2200
After a deadly plague, over 99% of Earth's male population is
gone, leaving the problem of who controls the battleships...

Black Tapestries
Gee... Putting your main character through this
degree of trauma should really be outlawed...


A worthy group of adventurers, a noble quest and
a whole lot of laughter along the way.

Errant story

By the creator of Exploitation Now.
Fans of that comic will be relieved to know the new main
characters are... a blond girl and a sarcastic cat thing.
Seriously though, it's a fantasy setting, with a good balance of fun and epicness.

Scandal Sheet
Foster Hearst is a newly examinated journalist, eager to
begin work, only the work part is kind of lacking.
But hey, if at first you don't succeed, lower your standards...

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan

The crew of a spaceship find themselves stuck on a Fantasy world - as its gods...
The great story puts this comic on my top 10 list.

Phase Eight:2003 (Dividing into two periods per year got old)

Dan's and Mab's Furry Adventures

(Hm, OK, so I've known OF this comic since way back, but didn't read it regularly
until about the "recipe of disasters" story arc. Let's put it in the 2003 section.)

The zany adventures of a couple of anthropomorphs, in the diverse magical
land of Furrae, where fairies, demons, succubi, undead and many others
try to coexist. Has become quasi-serious in later years, which I welcome,
since such plotlines are a good source of variation in jokes.
Fun Fact: The creator is the source of those Censorship Pandas
you may recognize from several sites around the web.

Dominic Deegan
A local seer (the medieval equivalent of tech support), Dominic
is faced with stupid customers on a daily basis. Then the thieves,
necromancers, and infernomancers show up and things get a bit more
epical and a whole lot more dangerous.
Maybe answering inane questions wasn't so bad after all?

8-bit Theater
In its time of greatest peril, the world needs the Legendary
Four Heroes. Unfortunately, they are out levelling up,
and so four total doofuses con themselves into the job.
Fun Fact: Apparantly, the creator has also written a book,
Nuklear Age, which I guess explains the URL.

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
The scene: Present-day Tokyo.
The plot device: A magical girl anime DVD set to
magically transform the viewer into a real magical girl.
The recipient: An average BOY, suddenly and
unwillingly transgendered.
His half-assed excuse: "Hey, I just watch magical
girl anime for the interesting plotlines!"

Van Von Hunter
The mighty Van von Hunter roams the land, hunting
evil stuff along with his female sidekick, who has
never been properly introduced.
That's no toothpick in his mouth, btw, it's a miniature stake.
You know, if he happens upon a very small vampire.

The Wotch
Anne O' Nymous is the Wotch, destined to defend
the world from beings with malicious intent.
But until those show up, let's have some fun! Hey,
let's transform Jason into a red-headed girl
again. He won't mind.

El Goonish Shive

Pretty much the ultimate comic for those with a transformation
fixation - and a darn funny read for the rest of us - this
storyline is way to complicated for me to divulge here.
Suffice to say it involves sentient goo, a squirrel girl in
distress, anime-style martial arts, aliens, magic - and a
transformation gun that sees a lot of use...
One of my top 10 favourites.

HFT Comics
Weekly adventure comic, superhero stuff, great artwork.
I dunno about having action comics on the web, though - it
does take a long while for the battles to finish.

Piled Higher and Deeper
The truth about higher education.
Prerequisites: Some insight in the world of
academics will make this funnier.

Who is this mysterious Oriyan? What's with the amnesia?
Why do people tend to run at the mere sight of this
goofy but friendly character?
...and what sex is he/she/it anyway?

Chasing the Sunset
Amusing story about an elf on a quest to find his lost father.
Nice, well thought-up world with cool caracters inhabiting it.
Fun Fact: The creator has a very handy script-thingy that
directs you to the strip you read on your last visit, as well as a
countdown timer to the next update. Nifty stuff.
DANG, I wish I had that URL...

Gone Astray
Anthropomorphic adventure epic.

A Miracle of Science

An interesting Science Fiction comic about a bureau chasing Mad Scientists
(Er, sorry, people suffering from "Science Related Memetic Disorder")
all over the solar system.
My favourite character is probably Mars. Yes, the planet. Don't ask, read.

Phase Nine: What I discovered year 2004

Radioactive Panda
The zany exploits of a couple of friends, who are
deeply involved in the world of Mad Science.

Grand Blue Door
An orphan girl gets to live with her uncle - who happens
to run a hotel for those of a supernatural persuation...

Dr. Devious
This comic revolves around a supervillain turned biology
teacher, a classical comedy situation if there ever was one.

No Rest for the Wicked
Princess November seeks to cure her sleeping disorder by finding
the mysteriously absent Moon, in this amusing story which is
inspired by more than a few fairy tales.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of old fairy tales will give you
a small thrill as you notice them being referenced.

Pastel Defender Heliotrope
Pastel Defender Heliotrope, by the creator of the finished Unicorn Jelly, gives
eager readers more alternate universe adventures, with improved graphics
to boot. (New readers take note; we're not talking your average
run-of-the-mill alternate universes here, THESE universes come
with their own alternate laws of physics as well at no extra cost.)

When their Evil Overlord bites the dust, the two henchmen Geoff and Simon
find themselves wandering the world.


The author of 1/0 continues doing comics; he maintains several unrelated storylines,
mixed with occasional one-shots, philosophical questions or "20 questions" drawings.
Definitely worth a read if you enjoy thinking.
Bonus points for the very cerebral forum
Fun Fact: Apparantly, Tailsteak is in a relationship with Mab of DMFA.

Casey and Andy

Casey is a genius, who tries to take over the world on his spare time. No real success.
Andy is a mad scientist who occasionally dabbles in the occult. He's in a long-term
relationship with the Beast, Destroyer of Worlds, in its form of a sexy redhead girl.
Together, they are Casey and Andy, two guys who regularly get themselves killed.
Add a genius cop, a cybernetically enhanced girlfriend, a shadowy evil overlord - and
a token normal person ("normal" status indeterminate), and you've got one of my top 15 favourites.
Fun fact: Hey, is that the King of Sweden lazing about on their couch? Get back here you,
we need you to do our PR stuff...

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi
This fan comic, beautifully drawn, stars characters from Cartoon Network.
Focuses on the powerpuff girls as they enter Megaville Elementary School.
Prerequisites: If you've watched enough Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon,
you'll recognize the cast. I don't know half of them, personally.
Samurai Jack? Megas? After my time...

Questionable Content
Tales of a couple of indie kids.
Prerequisites: If you know indie music, you just might get what they talk about.

Ash wakes up one morning with the wrong gender. Turns out his folder was
accidentally filed under "female" in the divine file system. Now he/she
has to reform a pot-smoking angel so that he can fix the problem, while
still keeping his/her position in the amateur road racing arena.
...It's slightly more serious than it sounds. Only slightly, though.

Phase 9: What I've found so far year 2005

The Saga of Earthsong
A planetary spirit in trouble, Earthsong must put her trust in mortals
gathered from across the universe, each with their own special powers.
Will the newly arrived amnesiac girl turn the tide?
(Of course she will. Everyone knows that a main character's memory
capacity is inversely proportional to their plot significance.)

The Aesir pantheon when Thor and his brothers were kids, going to school etc.

When Ted and his family moved to Bugsport, they hadn't been told
about the large population segment that moved there via Roswell.
And to think that Ted moved to the country to soothe his nerves...

Funny comic dealing with the lives of toyshop employees.
Fun fact: This comic was started by David Willis after he finished
the main storyline of "It's Walky", and a few characters moved over.

Order of the Stick
Amusing D&D adventure with the characters drawn as stick figures.
Er, Well-drawn stick figures, that is, not the other kind.
Prerequisites: Actual D&D-playing experience is required
in order to enjoy some of the jokes.

Gossamer Commons
The tale of a struggling writer who rescues a baby fairy, and the not wholly
nice consequences that follow. Didn't you know? Seeing an unshielded fairy
unfailably leads to death...
Fun fact: The author also does "Websnark", a popular
blog commenting comics, web and otherwise.

Girl Genius

When Girl Genius went online, it sailed straight up to my personal top 5 list.
This comic, which takes place in a world filled with steam-driven robots, monsters, and
mad scientists - and with a cute girl as a main character - approaches my definition of
perfection (and what few gripes I have are generally about text bubble placements and
minor colouring mistakes). Gorgeous art, great story, superb setting - a must read.
Oh, and the jägermonsters are simply too cool...
Fun fact: The creators have a history in print and elsewhere, having published several
comic books. They've also done the art for RPG:s, books - and at least one computer game series (Avernum).
Prerequisites: There's a few cameos requiring some familiarity with Nodwick to spot.
Also, a short storyline Shaenon Garrity wrote is funnier if you know the definition of a Mary Sue.

On the same theme as Invader Zim, Vexxarr is an alien dispached by a mighty space empire
with the order to seize Earth. However, Vexxarr COMPLETELY bungles the attempt, getting
defeated and boarded within hours.
Now, what will Earth do with the alien technology? And what will Vexxarr do without it?

The adventures of artist and geek "O" as he draws commissioned art work,
plays RPG:s with his friends and tries to interact with human society, with mixed success.
Updates six days a week.

Heroes of World of Warcraft
Nicely done WoW comic my brother found for me.
Prerequisites: Some idea of how World of Warcraft works.


Have you ever wondered what the poor monsters in D&D are like when they AREN'T being
slaughtered by musclebound adventurers? Well, here's your chance to find out. Not that
you won't see several of them get slaughtered anyway.
Prerequisites: Some D&D experience is needed to understand a few of the jokes.

Get Medieval

On the run from the intergalactic mob, a gang of people get stranded on a
barbaric planet - medieval Earth. Daily updates., well, I guess a LiveJournal isn't THE weirdest way to archive a comic.

Amusing tales of Library workers, with occasional book recommendations on Sundays.
(Man, it won't be long now until EVERY occupation has its own webcomic.) Daily updates.

Yes, I read about 95% of these regularly. Now you know why I'm always pressed for time.

Next Phase: What I'm going to read through when I have the time.
I'm aware that people like these, but I've either never started reading,
or I'm paused mid-archive, with plans to continue reading "some day".

After Y2K
Alex's Restaurant
Algernon's Dilemma
Ape Force
Chase Villens
Checkerboard Nightmare
Dakota's ridge
Eat the Roses
Faux Pas
General Protection Fault
Journey to the West
Kung Fool
Little Gamers
Lost and Found
Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy
Pewfell Porfingles
Plufim comics
Small World
Small Stories
Tang's Weekly Comic
The Japanese Beetle
Scary Go-round
Suburban Tribe
Strange Daze
The Nolans
Waiting for Bob
and the remaining keenspot comics I haven't mentioned yet.


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Other comic stuff:
Takuhai online manga at Tokyopop

Comics which have moved to subscription services

Abby's Menagerie
Is extinction really permanent? Apparantly not.


Proving every day that evil doesn't exclude cuteness.
Now unfortunately moved to ModernTales. One of my
top 15 favourites. Would be higher if not for the hassle
I have copying and saving the strip six days a week.
If I get a moderntales membership one day, Narbonic
will be the main reason for it.


The members of a local science fiction club gets involved in
mysteries ranging from vampires to aliens to time travellers.
Finished, now.

Eversummer Eve
Manga-style comic featuring Griffin McBride, whose powers as a
Weaver of Fate is just awakening, Juno Wintersmith, who seeks
to use him for her own schemes, and the dazzling fairy lord
Amadan, who interferes with everyones plans seemingly just
for the fun of it.
Moved to Tokyopop, but the last chapter is usually free.

The Makeshift Miracle
Really strange stuff, and not wacky, but confusing in an EPIC way. And
the art is quite good, too. Now finished.

Bite Me!

Vampires during the French Revolution. Adventure, Excitement, Drama!
And don't forget the CHICKENS. Of DOOM. Now finished.

Killroy and Tina

Killroy was a ruthless despot crushing galaxies under his thumb.
Killroy was feared all over the universe for his intellect, his
superpowers and his dress sense.
And Killroy is now bonded to a young Earth-girl named Tina.
Neither of them is too happy about that last part.

Comics that update seldom or not at all

Comics properly ended:

Demonology 101

It's tough to be in highschool... especially when you are a demon.
Sometimes funny, more often dramatic. Among the first few comics I
found, and a good read.

Unlike Minerva
Anthropomorphic (furry) strip about some people trying to run a theater.
(The storyline continues in
You Say It First)
Fun fact: The author also colours "Kevin and Kell".

It's Walky!
The dramas unfolding within a secret organisation hunting aliens.

Exploitation Now

Comic about strange people (like a teenage girl mad scientist) doing strange things
(like growing a clone, then putting it to work at an adult studio) for strange reasons
(OK, so I can relate to world domination through feromones. Bad example.)

The Class Menagerie

Funny strip centering on some anthromorphs going to University.

The Call of Whatever

Upon discovering his considerable talent in the forbidden arts,
Francis Black promptly quits his normal tech support job - and
instead starts an OCCULT helpline.

Unicorn Jelly

Taking place in a universe ordered in a fractal pattern, where gravity is
unidirectional and strange crystal beings roam the triangular worldplates,
this is definitely one of the most original comics I've read.

Queen of Wands
Join Kestrel, pagan girl, as she tries to sort her life out, with
frequent funnies and occasional dramas.
Fun fact: When the comic ended, Kestrel moved to Boston, where
she's now a minor character of Something Positive


Tailsteak creates a world - his comic - and interacts with its characters in
a philosophical study of free will, godhood and farts conserved in glass jars.
One of those comics which make you feel like you just recieved a +500 XP bonus.

Good art (When it's not a stick-figure comic) and good jokes.

A Gods Life
Aeron, a god, inherits his uncles universe and upon
investigating gets stuck in it along with his girlfriend.
To get home again they must go out on a perilous quest...

One-panel gags featuring Jobeth, the bimbo allegedly easier than a one-piece-jigsaw puzzle.
Discontinued after Jobeth escaped the comic with a character from 'Framed'.

The Commuter
4 semesters of zany fun. My favourite would be this one.

Teen Angel
When Don and Jack lose their lives in a driving accident,
that's only the BEGINNING of their problems.
Being as how they die in the very first strip.
Actually finding the comic archive can be a bit tricky, so here are the links to:
Season 1 Season 2

Get with The Program
This one SORT of ended properly, going from funny - about the life at
a small game company - to epical and funny - when the personnel got
dragged to an alternate dimension.
After the epic ended, the comic was reborn as "Geek World: the Project",
where it lasted until the creators got tired.

Lower Place
Another of those webcomics where the main character
definitely is one deck short of a game of cards, this
one ended after one last storyline inspired by the Great
Keen Crash of -03.

( More completed stories can be found via the Full Story index. )

Comics theoretically still updating
(but to end up here you will have to update
even more sporadically than me):

Life On Forbez

A lone mother and her son - both aliens - just moved in on
a new planet and having to deal with the fact that their race
has a bad reputation. Deserved? Well, they DID send a huge
asteroid into Earth.... (Those lousy rotten dinosaur killers...).

Absurd Notions

Another of my favourite strips, this one circles about a group
of young people in the everyday world. Most of these situations are
pretty realistic, but that doesn't stop them from being hilarious.
Would definitely be on my top list, if not for the slow updates.
Fun Fact: The creator is talented in the area of letter art;
he's got a site, where he displays ambigrams, logos, etc. Nifty.
Prerequisites: One of the later storylines makes heavy references
to the movie Pi.

Jackies Fridge
A girl and her talking fridge. And a whole host of
other quirky characters, making this a funny comic indeed.
Prerequisites: One storyline references the music band
Oingo Bongo, specifically their song "No spill blood".

Comic about a girl with a vivid imagination.

Sea of Insanity

Join Finn, a youth who's life gets tangled up in greek mythology
as he moves into the "apartment" of Isle, a water nymph.
With frequent updates, this one would likely make my "top 10" list.

Lovarian Adventures
Fantasy comic featuring a paladin, a thief, a priest, a warrior
and a sorceress on a quest for an ancient artifact of power.

RPG World
A comic dealing with a couple of adventurers in a computer game world.
Prerequisites: Playing any Final Fantasy game.

Eidolic Fringe
Previously named "Radical Dreamers", this comic centers on a boy
whisped away to another world, while his body lies in a coma.
Fun Fact: The comic changed name because of the confusion between
its name and the "Chrono Chross" song. (Nice tune, that, btw.)

Circle Weave
Fantasy comic about a kingdom facing invasion of undead warriors, and
the young man, meant for great things, escaping from said invasion.

Ghost 2138
Barely making a living as a pianist in a Sci-fi Dystopia,
Alex's life takes a turn for the weirder when his fantasies
start affecting the real world.

Vagrant Vivian
Vivian meets the man of her dreams... in her dreams. But is he only a fantasy?

Schoolbooks and Brimstone

Heaven, Hell, and Highschool. Updates once every blue moon, but you can really FEEL the potential.
Fun Fact: I heard that the comic was being adapted for a TV series, but I don't know if it still is.

Wings of Change
The adventures of one dragon, one Elvian and four pixies.


What should you do when you find yourself having a fallen
angel as a temporary houseguest? To find out, go read this comic.
Sort of Sci-Fi Fantasy, taking place on another world, in a high-tech society.
This is how I think/hope my art style may look in ten years or so.

Jaxxon's 11
Taking place some years after the fall of the Empire (yes, THAT
empire), this story has the protagonist - a green bunny-like
non-rodent - teaming up with Han Solo in order to dish out
some payback...
Prerequisites: I gather that Jaxxon is a semi-official character,
featuring in the comic books taking place between "A New Hope" and
"The Empire Strikes Back". Those owning the comics might get an extra thrill.

Comics currently on hiatus:

Elf Life
Fantasy comic, featuring elves as the main characters.
Fun Fact: The creator is of Swedish descent.
Also, he's recently started a slightly more political strip,
less left-leaning than what is common on the 'net.

Angst Technology

Life at and around a minor gaming company.
Funny, but archives are unavailable for the time being.
...Unless you're obsessive enough to access the image files one after another.

An epical Science Fiction story. About an Earthling male and a
shipload of alien women. No, seriously, epical.


Anthropomorphs studying magic at a university.
Fun fact: Not only a comic, Spellshocked sports a text story,
and some cool videogame-style music. I used to play "Featherglass" a lot
until I lost it in a hard drive crash. Maybe I'll buy the CD.

Elf Only Inn

Imagine a chat room created for the
sole purpose of roleplaying as elves.
Now imagine the people who will actually show up there...
Fun fact: When the comic moved
to Keenspot, it left some things behind,
(this comic, for example) so you're better
off reading most of the archives on the
keenspace site, just in case.
Would be a top 10 contender if not for the hiatus thing.

Extinction Level Event
Really good art, and interesting story, but will it ever continue? Doubtful.

Fairy Trash
One day, Heather Wright will stick to one story idea long enough to
actually finish the first few chapters. And that day, I'll link to her.
Well, give or take a few months.

Stuff of Legends
A story of Jordan the Red, an old adventurer who wants to retire,
and of the young adventurer who won't let him.

Paused mid-stride:

Acid Reflux

A young goddess inherits her older sisters pet universe, only
to fall inside and get herself stranded on a D&D-esque world
without the instruction manual. Hilarity ensues.
A great comic which halted abruptly when the author and
the artist separated. I hate it when that happens. The comic would
definitely belong in my top 10 favourites, otherwise.
Meh. At least the last storyline finally got finished.
Prerequisites: One storyline parodies the movie Fight Club
Annoying Fact: The current host is unstable, and the site
will sometimes be offline for weeks at a time. If you like it, you'd
better save the strips on your computer, just in case.

Joe Average
The story of the boy which represents most of us... an utter loser.
Seems to be doing better nowadays, though - there's hope for us all.

It's Gravy
Infrequently updated strip about... I dunno. Weird stuff. Like giant mutant goats,
and inept demons ending up selling their own souls
Fun Fact: Invented the infamous Blue Mushrooms in an April Fools cross-over with CRFH.

Cool Cat studio
It starts with a realistic ( but funny ) description of life in a
graphics studio, but ends up containing supernatural forces and ET:s.

Guardian Angel
"If this is your guardian angel, you're out of luck!"

Working in retail. It's a gruesome torturing infested
hellhole of a job - but someone has to do it.
And now it has its own comic dedicated to it.

Bean's Song
A Fantasy story about a young boy and a magic sword. Excellent art.
The creator has made a book about the stuff instead, now,
but I'm not buying it until the entire series is completed.
(The guy restarted his comic two or three times. What's to
stop him starting his book series over?)

Kelen: a strange and wonderful world. Featuring magicians and
priests, a young man with mysterious powers he does not
himself understand (some day I want to see a protagonist
who does...) along with light elves, dark elves, humans,
half-demons... And a huge earth elemental named Bob.

Mystic For Hire
For years, this was the closest to comic-book superheroes I found on the net.
Rachel Danara has strong magical powers, which she uses to fight evil sorcerers,
vampires and the like.

Blood Lark
One day Strey's drunkard of a dad sends her out on a quest for
adventure, armed only with a incredibly powerful magic sword.
Hmmm. No, can't think of how she'll make it through.

Meet George, the ambassador from an alien civilization - built
on the concept of 70:s Earth television. Great Brady!

Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite
Funny Star Wars parody one-shots.

Return to Sender

A strange story. Just remember: when getting a new apartment,
make sure there are no mysterious mailslots in the wall.
Would be at least a top 15 contender if it EVER FREAKING UPDATED.

The Lost Comics. Don't bother looking these up unless you have a time machine.
(Hey, if they've simply moved to a new adress, TELL me, all right?)

Hang and Catch Fire
The tale of two programmers, one of which made a program
that caused computers to... Yes, you guessed it.

The tale of Joe Angerson, a guy so pathetic he was spared by Death
on account of him not having a life. So pathetic, in fact, that his
creator gave him up and made his two goldfish the stars
of the comic instead.

Fighting for peace, justice and chocolate chip cookies!

No Outlet
Philosophical ponderings, everyday life. The main character's
reasoning reminds me a lot of my own.

Pro wrestling never was this crazy. Er... yes it is, that's
why I don't watch it.
Well, it never was this much fun, anyway.

True Magick
Interesting art, story and magic system,
so of course it folded in less than ten comics.
*Sigh* At least I got some inspiration for when I designed my own magic system.

Residence Life
Previously hosted on Keenspace
College students doing what they do best - avoiding to study.

Strings of Fate
When you're a member of the Zodiac, there's certain expectations
on you - even if you've wiped your memories to start over as a mortal..
Annoying Fact: Took the forum of Return to Sender with it when it
went down. So much for knowing what prompted that comic's hiatus...

Angel Knights
What if paladins had access to magical
powers back in the crusades?

Real world comics with web presence


Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet, Foxtrot, Doonesbury and the rest of the comics at UComics.

Rudy Park, Dilbert, Pirahna Club, 9 Chickweed Lane and others at UnitedMedia.

Bizarro, Zits, On the Fast Track, Safe Havens and more at King Features

Jane's world

Madam & Eve

Serenity Rose

Lily Wong

Thieves & Kings


Not exactly comics, but worth checking out nonetheless

Weebl and Bob
Red vs Blue

Bastard Operator from HELL
Acts of Gord
the Onion
the Spark
The Darwin Awards

The Devil's Dictionary
Peter's Evil Overlord List

You do NOT see these comics linked here if you are a sensitive person or relative of mine.
listed by order of unappropriateness

Snowcovered fur
Tales of primitive anthromorphs.
Nothing worse than you'd see on the Discovery Channel.

Something Positive

Funny strip about some sarcastical and cynical characters living
in Boston. The early strips were apparantly based to about 70% on
the creator's life, meaning the characters are complex, and not your
average stereotypes.
Nowadays, things are more complex still, with realistic things like
sickness, cheating and unexpected deaths acting as a counterpoint
to the more surrealistic events or zany antics of the characters.
The realism present underneath the jokes makes this comic pack
quite a punch, making this one of my top 10 favourite comics.
Offensive content: Dirty language, mostly.


Furry humor comic. Lots of life's essentials: Superheroes,
Cheesecake and kiwis (gotta get those C-vitamins).
Offensive content: Some of those anthropomorphic superheroines wear
entirely too little clothing. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.


"Cynical punkass teens."
Offensive content: Dirty language, sexual situations, and a whole
week when the author did his utmost to deliberately offend his readers,
presumably having gotten tired of doing so unwittingly.

Better Days
Interesting antropomorphic comic about life, growing up, that
kind of stuff - with some humour thrown in. The themes dealt with
in some chapters could well make some people uncomfortable, though.


Amusing tale on the "girl meets she-demon" theme...
I particularly enjoy the fact that the heroine is neither
thief, warrior or magic user, but a SAGE - getting
by on wits alone (and extensive research, of course.)
Offensive content: The she-demon in question
is perpetually nude as well as impressively busty.
Fun fact: Hey, this comic is done by a fellow Swede.
He's got a nice Elfwood gallery as well (mostly joking around
with improbable hybrids, various halfnaked females,
or a combination of the two).

Perry Bible Fellowship

One-shot strips - usually pretty funny - mixing
the cute and the macabre, happiness
and horror, to great effect.
Offensive content: A subset of the strips
also add sexual situations to the mix.

This comic explores the relationships between
mythical characters from different religions.
Offensive content: Frequent nudity, some
sexual situations, Satan portrayed as a homosexual,
partaking in aforementioned sexual situations, etc.

Depicts some of the torments of Hell, many of which are sexual in nature
as well as just plain disturbing ("Musical Holes", anyone?)
That said, Jack is a strong, engaging anthromorphic comic,
dealing with problems in life and death (mostly death).

Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal.
As well as extreme violence, blasphemy and molesting of dead puppies.
(And that's not really an "offensive content" warning so much as an
actual content description... Funny, though.)
Fun Fact: The author also works on a largely inoffensive strip about cats.

Sexy Losers
This site shows the lighter side of various sexual deviations.
And that's not all it shows, in graphic detail.
Be warned.

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